Installation Guides

*If you are unfamiliar or have not worked on your bike previously we highly recommend taking your bike to a professional mechanic to have your 51 Speedshop extensions installed

51 SPEEDSHOP Mon-Riser Aerobar

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Carbon Extensions

Tools required and instructions may vary based on your specific bike or basebar.

  1. Loosen extension bracket bolts so that they are opened to the largest possible diameter.
  2. Slide the aerobar extensions through the extension bracket and adjust to the desired length and rotational angle.
  3. Ensure 5mm or more of the extension is exposed through the backside of the extension bracket to ensure adequate clamping.
  4. Re-tighten extension bracket bolts to 5NM.
  5. Shifter and wiring installation will also vary dependent on which brand you are running. Again we highly recommend taking your bike to a professional mechanic if you have any concerns about installation of your product.
Cutting Carbon Extensions

Cutting excess extension length: Once you have determined proper fit and measure the correct amount to be cut off either the front or back of the extension it is important to cut using this method to avoid damage or splintering of the carbon. Determine the point you want to cut keeping in mind you need 5mm minimum exposed length behind the extension clamp. Mark the extension with masking tape along the area you wish to cut. After you’ve made the cut, remove the tape and sand the internal and external edge with fine sand paper to ensure a smooth contour at the end of the extension. Remember to measure twice before cutting as we can not replace items that have been improperly installed or altered.

Aerobar Tape Kit
  1. Unwrap both rolls of tape, fold tape and cut in half giving you two equal pieces for both pursuit bars and extensions.
  2. Starting at the bottom center of the end of the extension, wrap one complete revolution before angling the tape to spiral down the extension.
  3. With each revolution follow the bottom of the second row of logos with the top edge of the tape. 
  4. Cut the ends of your tape diagonally creating a straight line around the the extension where the tape ends.
  5. When adding your finishing tape it is imperative that you DO NOT touch the adhesive with your fingers.
  6. Start by peeling back one side of the film on the back of finishing tape placing it over the end of your bar tape. 
  7. Once you’ve started, press down firmly and pull taught ensuring you pull the other side of the tape with the film still covering adhesive. 
  8. As you wrap finishing tape remove film until tape is tight and has been adhered without contamination. 
  9. Repeat steps 1-8 on pursuit bars ensuring you wrap in an outward direction from the bike.

If you have further questions about how to install your 51 Speedshop product please email us at