We warrant all 51 Speedshop extensions to be free from defect in materials or workmanship for a period of two years from the original purchase date of purchase (proof of purchase required). This warranty is only valid for the original owner and does not extend to third parties.

Our products are made to be ridden and used to train hard every single day. We understand that our equipment undergoes a great deal of stress out there which is why we back our products and our customers by covering any product that incurs damage from riding.

Improperly installed, improperly modified, misused, lost, stolen, or blatantly abused products will fall outside of 51 Speedshop warranty coverage. Failure to follow 51 Speedshop installation guidelines will place your products outside of warranty. In the case that your 51 Speedshop products become damaged please follow our warranty submission guidelines to submit your claim.

51 Speedshop reserves the right to confiscate any product deemed unsafe by our warranty review process.


This warranty gives you specific legal rights, which may vary from state to state. In no event shall 51 Speedshop or any of its third party suppliers be liable for consequential, incidental, special, indirect or direct damages unless this warranty agreement is inconsistent with the local law. If this warranty agreement is inconsistent with local law, the warranty shall be deemed modified to be consistent with the local law. In the event of legal action, all claims or disputes under this warranty agreement shall be contested in the courts of the State of Colorado.

If you have any specific warranty questions please contact us. 

Submitting a Warranty Claim

When submitting a warranty, you will need to contact 51 Speedshop directly at info@fiftyonespeedshop.com

  1. Take a photos of the affected product including the damaged area.
  2. Send an email to info@fiftyonespeedshop.com with the photos, description of the damage, and proof of purchase. Please include your phone number and shipping address details.

We will respond within 1-3 business days to get you back riding as soon as possible!!

Customer Loyalty Program

In addition to our two year warranty all 51 Speedshop products are covered by our Customer loyalty program. This program covers any of our products that fall outside of our warranty program.

Here at 51 Speedshop we understand the rigors of everyday training but we also understand that accidents happen. Although the materials we use are incredibly strong they may fail in the incidence of a crash or other accidental impact.

In the circumstance of your 51 Speedshop product being crashed or accidentally damaged your product then falls under the 51 Speedshop Customer Loyalty Program.  No matter the circumstance of the issue with your product outside of lost or stolen with proof of purchase you are able purchase the same 51 Speedshop product at 30% off the listed MSRP. Please note that sales tax, freight, VAT/Import duties, shipping are not covered by 51 Speedshop. Additional replacement parts are not covered by 51 Speedshop.

To file a Customer Loyalty claim follow our warranty claim instructions and specify that you would like to participate in our customer loyalty program in your email.