Aero Extensions

The 51 SPEEDSHOP extension range was developed to improve performance by focusing on rider comfort, positioning, and aerodynamics.  Backed by our advanced bike fit knowledge, we utilized 3D printed segments to construct extension shapes into riders neutrally orientated wrists promoting upper body comfort and relaxation. 

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Rev Aero Light
Rev 70
Rev 120 Ultimate Ultimate "Alloy" Ski FSM
Rise 90mm 70mm 120mm 110mm 120mm 110mm 75mm
Length 420mm 420mm 420mm 400mm 420mm 400mm 400mm
Grip Angle 30 deg 30 deg 30 deg 30 deg 35 deg 51 deg 30 deg
3D Bend Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Hand Height Medium Medium High High High High Medium
Diameter 22.2mm 22.2mm 22.2mm 22.2mm 22.2 22.2mm 22.2mm
Material Carbon Carbon Carbon Carbon Alloy Carbon Carbon
Weight 138 grams 189 grams 189 grams 148 grams 199 grams 142 grams 138 grams