Adapting To The TT Position
Comfort is defined as the ability to sustain your position for the duration of your event. It doesn’t matter if you’re a World Tour rider, Ironman Champion, or a recreational cyclist. If you’re unable to sustain or hold your position because you’re uncomfortable, nothing else matters.
Which Extension Is Right For You?
We developed 51 SPEEDSHOP extension range to improve rider performance by focusing on comfort, positioning, and aerodynamics.  Backed by our advanced bike fit knowledge, we utilized 3D printed segments to construct extension shapes into neutrally orientated wrist positions...
Does Crank Length Matter?

Where did crank length come from? Where did these lengths that we consider “standard” originate? Has crank length just been passed down from one generation to another and over time has just become accepted even though there is no basis for the current “standard” with the current bicycles we ride today. 

Free Speed

Optimizing your bike position, equipment, and setup is free speed. Not monetarily free, but free as in you’ll go faster without an increase in form or fitness. Athletes should check all the boxes. Buying a set of fast tires doesn’t mean you can take the week off from training.