Which Extension Is Right For You?

Which Extension Is Right For You?

We developed 51 SPEEDSHOP extension range to improve rider performance by focusing on comfort, positioning, and aerodynamics.  Backed by our advanced bike fit knowledge, we utilized 3D printed segments to construct extension shapes into neutrally orientated wrist positions promoting upper body comfort and relaxation.

Based on rider data gathered during our bike fit process, we developed three unique extension shapes to cover a wide range of rider fit preferences.

But, which shape is right for you? Lets start by considering a few items….

  • Is your TT cockpit fixed in a flat position or does it angulate?
  • Are you looking for a high, moderate, or neutral hand height position.
  • Do you want maximum arm pad contact or will you place your elbow into the pad?
  • What sort wrist orientation do you prefer?
  • What shifters do you use? Shimano Di2 (long), Shimano Synchro (short), SRAM eTap (short), Mechanical?


  • Provides maximum arm pad contact
  • Moderate hand height 
  • Perfect for bars/cockpits that angulate
  • 30 deg termination angle promotes ergonomic wrist position


  • Provides our highest hand position 
  • Great for bars that do NOT angulate
  • 51 deg termination angle provides the most neutral wrist orientation
  • Most versatile for front end hydration and computer solutions


  • Provides our 2nd highest hand position (SKI 1st)
  • Great for bars that do NOT angulate 
  • 30 deg termination angle promotes ergonomic wrist position
  • 3D bend allows extension rotation without losing height


Images below are ordered as:  FSM,  SKI,  ULTIMATE

Flat Bar: Long Shimano Di2 shifters

Flat Bar: SRAM eTap or Shimano Synchro Shift

Angled Bar: Long Shimano Di2 Shifter

Angled Bar: Short SRAM eTap or Shimano Synchro Shifter

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  • Kim wolman

    I am wondering about length in a person who is small. I saw a lot of the videos with these bars and would like to know if
    It could be adjusted

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