Mono-Riser Aerobar Installation Guide

Note: It is much easier to fully assemble the aerobar, base bar, Install the shifters, brake levers and route all cables before installing the assembly onto the stem as a single unit.

1. Route Di2 cables through extensions and install shifters.

2. Install extensions through the extension tower and secure by tightening the M5x16L bolts to 5Nm.

3. Route Di2 cables through extension tower.

4. Route Di2 cables through base bar and install brake/shift levers.

Note: Mechanical shifting will run straight out the back of the extension.

5. Route front and rear brake cable housings through base bar

Note: It's easier to route cables in reverse/towards the pursuit grips. 

Front Brake: Enter under the basebar.

Rear Brake: Enter from the side of the stem.

6. Select desired base plate height and spacers. Attach extension tower to top plate tightening M6 bolts to 8 Nm. Use the 1:1 ratio table on the inside of your bolt kit to determine corrects bolts based on mono-spacer use.

Note: Depending on shifter type, extension length, and mono-spacer height, Di2 wire length could be too short to internally route. See alternate option for cable routing pictured at the bottom of this page. 


Note: Angulation bolts are to the left and right of center. You will use these to angulate the bar and be sure to re-tighten the M6 bolts to 8 Nm.

7. Attach junction/blip box to stem cover using two small zip ties (Shimano) or center hole (Sram).

Note: When attaching stem cover, bolts enter at an angle, be cautious not to cross-thread bolts.

Note: You can also use the bar without the stem cover or run the wires out the back into a bento box (pictured below)

8. Install armrest wings and secure by tightening M6x16L bolts to 6Nm

(pictured smaller of two wing options)

9. Select the desired arm cup position and secure by tightening M5x12L bolts to 4 Nm.


10. Instal arm cup pads 

BTA Installation: Tighten bolts using pictured washers to space BTA mount off of extension tower. 

Alternate cable routing option:

Please feel free to email us at if you have any further questions about installation or compatibility of your Mono-Riser System.