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Bike Fit Experts

 When you work with something every day, as we do with bikes and their components, you develop an understanding of what works. Comfort, power and aerodynamics are what we strive for when fitting athletes to their bikes. These principles are at the core of our development when designing products.  Invisible to the wind, seamless with the athlete and bulletproof when you need them to perform.

About the Brand

51 SPEEDSHOP is a collective of industry leading bike fitters, performance analysts, and athletes. Founded by Mat Steinmetz, 51 SPEEDSHOP has a combined 20+ years of teaching and performing bike fits, aerodynamic testing, and product development.  

The 51 Speedshop Aero Extension

As bike fit and performance experts we utilized a reverse engineering process by locating anatomical points in space to build the bar and extensions under the rider. The 51 SPEEDSHOP aero bar extension range is designed for the optimization of biomechanical alignment, support, and aerodynamics.

  • Uni-directional carbon fiber construction
  • Promote neutral wrist for long term comfort, control and aerodynamics
  • Trimmable from both ends for ultimate adjustability without sacrificing high hand or close hand positions
  • Designed from thousands of individual fit data points, allowing natural body positioning