How to guide & Description
How to get started with your digital fit: Below is form you will need to fill out and return to us with information about yourself, your goals, plans,A 51SPEEDSHOP Digital Fit like an in person bike fit is a feedback based process. The information and detail of content we ask for may seem tedious but we want to perform the most efficient fit possible and the only way to do that is based off your feedback. Its important that the photos and videos follow the guidelines below so we’re able to make an accurate biomechanical assessments of your current position. limitations as an athlete. Below that you will find specific instructions on the content we will need about your current bike to preform a proper fit. As well as specific instructions on how to make changes to your bike based on the feed back you will receive from us.

It is also important to note that a digital fit does not take place of an in person fit. When performing a fit and making a biomechanical assessment of a bike position there are changes that can be made to the bike itself to help optimize your position for comfort and aerodynamics. However, an equally important part of bike fitting process is making postural changes to the way you pedal, sit on the saddle and contact the front end. Many of these changes can be made based on the photos and videos we ask for. Along with changes to be made to your bike or cleat position we may also suggest changes that have to do with how you ride or interact with the contact points on your bike. Again, a digital fit isn't meant to take place of an in person bike fit and we strongly suggest a follow up fit at our bike studio in Boulder, Colorado if the opportunity presents itself.

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