Mono-Riser Aero Bar System

As leading fit experts, 51 SPEEDSHOP understand the importance of the cyclist’s contact points.  The Mono-Riser Aero Bar System is designed for the optimization of biomechanical alignment, aerodynamics, supported and comfort.
The 51 SPEEDSHOP mono-riser aero bar system connects the athlete to the bike in a way that maximizes comfort through significant adjustability, while providing industry leading aerodynamics. Designed for the rigors of the Tour de France and the Ironman World Championships, this bar combines intricately devised ergonomics, aerodynamic advancements and the highest grade of carbon fiber manufacturing.

Bar Features
  • Nearly invisible to the wind, due to the proven Kamm-Tail airfoil design, and unyielding to even the strongest  sprint induced torque.
  • Radial shaping of the pursuit bar, combined with a 5 degree up tilt gives the rider greater control over the bike.
  • Unique "mono-riser" mounting system allows height adjustment, angulation and stack adjustment through a simple 2 bolt design.
  • Three unique extension shapes based on rider preference.
  • Carbon reinforced nylon pad holder provides rigidity and support.
  • Proprietary arm pad provides the ideal amount of surface area and cushion.
  • Debossed channels allow airflow to aid in cooling.
  • Arm pad width adjusts from 142mm - 255mm by utilizing one of the two included wing options.  
  • Arm pad stack up to 60mm and reach by 50mm
  • All hardware is corrosion resistant stainless steel.


    Bar Width

    400 millimeters

    Bar Drop

    20 millimeters

    Extension Stance Width

    105 millimeters

    Pad Stack (stem center to top of pad)

    75 millimeters (55mm w/ low riser option)

    Pad & Extension Angle Adjust

    0 to +10 degrees

    Cromwell was picked up by a talent programme as a sporty teenager in Adelaide, and first honed her bike handling skills and engine as a track cyclist before the road won her over. Growing up riding in the Adelaide Hills, her early-career climbing prowess has broadened over time, and she considers herself “more of an all-rounder these days”.

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    She has become a key member of the canyon//sram team thanks to a natural ability to read races and her technical skills, particularly on descents. Masterful at race positioning and possessing a handy sprint, she has proved to be an ideal lead-out woman or backup in the gallop for the line.



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