Our Story

51 Speedshop is born from bike fit. 

From over two decades of experience in the science of human performance, we have developed a deep understanding of rider movement and the opportunity of bicycle contact points in supporting a seamless connection between bicycle and body. 

With this as our foundation, we strive to create products that bridge the space between product and rider performance through focusing on comfort, positioning, and aerodynamics. 


When you interact with something every day, you develop an understanding of what works. 51 SPEEDSHOP has a combined 20+ years of bicycle performance experience. Having worked with a wide range of athlete types and abilities...from Pro Tour riders and Ironman World Champions to club racers and recreational cyclists - We understand the critical elements of bike fit, and how to design products that seamlessly integrate bike with rider.

For over a decade, we/Bike Fitters have been the bridge between manufacturing and client satisfaction. We have mastered the art of conforming cyclists to their machines. This is what makes our products different.  We don't need to market that we "took a fit first approach" or interview hundreds of bike fitters....because, we are bike fitters.  We care about the subtle details that have a big impact on rider comfort and performance. 


As professional bike fitters, our passion is for the rider first and foremost. With decades of experience serving everyone from club athletes and recreational cyclists to Pro Tour riders and Ironman World Champions, we understand first hand the critical elements of bike fit across the biomechamical spectrum. It is from this rich understanding for rider comfort, security, aerodynamics, and performance that we develop our products with a focus on the rider.


In the past, riders have had (or been forced) to adapt to their bikes and components. We challenge that philosophy by putting the rider at the core of our design process. Our expertise allows us to reverse engineer products, building the rider’s key contact points and optimal positioning from the ground up.  Each 51 SPEEDSHOP product is designed and tested on a spectrum of athletes to optimize the relationship between rider and bike...designed by fit experts, and engineered for you.    

Over the last 10-15 years, we’ve worked on or have ridden almost every single major manufactures aero bar.  These are all good products, but there are often small details that are overlooked.  Our goal was to create a bar that checked all the boxes by perfecting the basics. It’s no secret that the industry has recognized the importance of the human interaction aboard their products.  You’ve heard phrases such as, “we took a fit first approach” or companies reach out to industry leading experts like myself for a quote they can use in conjunction with their product.   We’ll, we are the fitters and when you’ve worked with something everyday, you understand what a bar must do.  How it should adjust, the fit, ergonomics, how the bar should provide comfort and support leading to greater rider confidence on the road. With our fit knowledge, we’ve been able to take a reverse design approach...building the bar from the ground up under the rider vs asking the rider to conform to the bar.

We’ve paid an enormous amount of attention to the rider’s contact points creating an arm cup that cradles the arm, a proprietary foam that doesn’t deteriorate or compress providing damping against road vibrations.   We’ve used 3D printed segments to build the extensions to the rider’s hand vs having them torque the wrist to meet the extension.  We’ve built a pursuit bar that provides a stable base when out of the saddle, cornering, or on rough road surfaces giving the riders greater control over the bike. We understand the fit and adjustability needs.  We are in the fortunate position to be able to see these products years after purchase.  How do they hold up over time, are the bolts corroded, arm pads shot, is the bar easy to adjust after cables are run?